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How this page work on:-

1) Leave your comment by state your request kpop album that you want to buy

2)We will check the available stock & the price for the album

3) We will reply you with the album info

4)If you want to buy after we confirm the price & stock, you can proceed to place order like usual [refer to How To Make Order page]

p/s: Only request here if you cant find kpop album that you want from our Β post/page. Please be understand as we take sometime to reply your queries. Thanks ^^



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  • May I know how much is the neverland album, and is it available? I’m staying in Penang, how do I pay u? Just banking through maybank? Thank you:)

  • Hello hi…. Im not here to make request… but by any chance do you know a girl name lee delila?? Because she open preorder using kpoptown picture and I’m wondering if she is related to you guys. The thing is I didnt get my SHINee calender that I order from her.. and my fren order SHINee the firt album japanese ver. I hope you can help us trace her if you happen to know her.. thank you…

    • Hi, sorry we not know the lee delila… we never appoint other people to take order onbehalf of Kpop Town Malaysia… all order here is manage&supervise by Kpop Town Malaysia staff…. btw where you buy from her?? From Facebook page or what???

      • she post it on Forum… its ok… *sigh* my frens bought alot.. cost around rm360+ but its ok.. thanks for your help.. since its our fault to.. not be careful… thanks again.. XD

  • Hey, I would like to request for Kahi first mini album (taiwan version) CD + DVD. How much for it with the shipping cost. thank you

  • Hello, I have check my email just now and saw a new post from you. It is “Infinite Paradise, Album Hand Signed by All Infinite Member”. But i can’t read the post because the post does not exist. I want to ask if there is any stock for “Infinite Album Hand Signed by All Infinite Member”? And if there is, can I still make the order? And when will the duedate?

  • i want to order b.a.p album..but i’m still doesn’t know how to order~please guide me..and also,i wanna to have a ledapple album??~is it available??

  • Hi, do you still have stock for b1a4 ignition album? i read the post but the due date is over :(( but do you restock it by any chance? please..

  • T-ara’s Black eyes and funky town still available? What’s the price? and any free posters or anything? so i’ll have to make the payment before 15th may if I want to order right?

  • HI,i’m staying in peninsular Malaysia,i wanted to know the price for Hello Venus Mini Album Vol. 1 Venus including poster in tube,do you accept check payment?and does albums bought from u are counted into music charts?thank you:)

  • Hello, I just wondering, if in korea did they sell dbsk old albums? I was thinking bout buying their old albums. Do you have any stock of it? πŸ™‚ xx

  • hi there, i’m looking for infinite over the top album, the original version, not the repackage paradise version. are you able to find it? thanks

  • Hi..i’m new here..I’M SORRY for the repeated comments..
    i’m dying to get this SNSD PARADISE IN PHUKET DVDs ..
    are u still going to order it…? or u got ready stock..
    it is still available right now (MEI 2012) ??
    PLS..any info from u really appreciate it..PLS HELP ME.. huhuhu..
    PLS HELP ME.. huhuhu..

  • hi….i want to ask if you have stock on the album G-Dragon-Shine a Light Live Concert (repackage uncut version) (DVD+photobook)
    because i try to find it in another supplier but they say it is out of stock. maybe you can find one for me >.<

  • did you still have stock for Infinite-Inspirit? I have refer to the All Kpop Album page, and does it 70 MYR? Shouldn’t it be cheaper than that?

  • hiii, kpoptownmalaysia, i’m dying to get dvd YG FAMILY CONCERT 2011, almost everywhere is already due date for order…please…just 1 order for the dvd…

  • Hello. Is CNBLUE’s EAR FUN Limited Edition Jung Yong Hwa version still available? because I only found Min Hyuk and Jung Shin’s versions at my nearest music store. Thanks.

  • Hello~ I just want to know if you make preorder for B.A.P 1st Mini album with autograph? because I heard you can only order 5 album for one batch. Thank you!

  • hi, this is second time i’m ask, do you have taeyang solar album?? if you have please let me know.., sorry because i have ask you many times…

  • hi , is Beast Midnight Sun album still have a stock ? + with a poster , photobook , and the mask ( if available ) .
    and can i know the price for the album without the plus thing too ?

  • Choshinsung aka SUPERNOVA going to release Supernova Single Album – She’s gone in 10 august..hopefully i can get it from here..since i cant order it from yesasia, coz i’m not using credit card.

  • hi, on 30th july i had bought taeyang solar international album , so i just wanna know there is no delay shipping right??? i can get before 17th august???

  • Just wondering whether you are able to get the September edition of Ceci magazine. Donghae is appearing in this month’s edition. Hope to hear from you soon! πŸ™‚

  • previously i ask u regarding jang geun suk album… can it possible for u to get ‘jang geun suk’ album? or do u hv any album regard with him? thanks

  • hi πŸ™‚ when will SJ’s album be coming out? btw, please tell me the contents too πŸ™‚ 정말 κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ γ…‡γ……γ…‡

  • totally unrelated but i’ve already ordered sj’s ss4 concert photobook and i just found out on other websites that you’ll get a poster along with the photobook? Is this true?

  • All About Girls Generation Paradise in Phuket Preview DVD (304 pages) – NEW

    Do you have this book? How much would it cost (photobook and shipping cost)? I live in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Sory. I wrongly wrote. I mean i already buy it from you but i still didnt get it. It already more than 2 weeks. Can you help me to check it? Thank u so much.

  • Hi i was wondering if you take order for magazines? I want Nylon’s october issue (since there’s kyuhyun in it) but I’m not sure where to buy it……..

  • Annyeong !
    Do you have B.A.P warrior , power and no mercy ?? And also BAP recording take 1 & 2 .
    If yes, how much is it ?
    Im sorry for bothering you ><

  • I wanna you have snsd dvd collection concert 2011. As far as i know it will be released in korea on 30th november 2012. This is new dvd snsd.

  • hai . why it take soo long for the album ? i think its alredy past a month . can you please check for it ? my parents alredy ask for it . btob press play and u kiss stop girl

  • TO: amniWajihah
    Lol wait…no…you cant buy sunggyu another me album individually…i mean woollim only release 690 copies of the Limited edition one among the normal one. So the album comes with a black package. that means you cant know which one(either normal or limited) that you’ll get until you rip ur package.

  • Hi, Im from peninsular malaysia. Is there any stock for b2st midnight sun. Just the black one. Not the limited or gold edition. Is the stock original from korea or is it not? Is it in stores now?

  • hye. thanks for the Press Play album. I’ve already got it. erm, I wanna ask for B1A4- In the wind album. If I buy the album, will I get the poster??

  • so, i’ve read your updated about the snowstorm . and i’m still waiting for my CD 😦
    ##Order on 28 November and now is 6 January

  • Got my album already !! thank you so much and sorry if i’ve caused trouble to you guys.

    and i just wanna ask if you have B.A.P stop it album ? i couldn’t find it in your site so…

    if you take order for the album(stop it, B.A.P), please tell me A.S.A.P. i want to make an order .

    thank you guys, really !! ^^

  • Hi πŸ™‚ Do you have the book ‘Son Of The Sun SHINee In Barcelona’ ? If you guys have it how much it is? Is it still available? Thank you.

    • Yes, you still can order it. Please check our published post regard to the album. Next duedate is on 30 January 2013.
      The original album from Korea is included with photobook. The poster available while stock last

  • Wow…most of you guys are really weird eh? DONT YOU GUYS CHECK? You guys SHOULD check the album details at the main page first (or whatever) before requesting the album that you want, really. Most of the time, the seller has alrdy posted it on the main page..(sometimes it’s late but just wait!) uhh

  • Hai,do you have Infinite – 2012 Infinite Concert: Second Invasion Evolution (2DVD + Photobook) (Normal Edition) ?how much is the price and postage for peninsular?thanks for the reply…

  • Can I order Kim Jae Joong’s Y repackaged album here?It will be released this 26th.How long it’ll take the album to reach you guys? I want to make the order together with TVXQ’s Catch Me album.Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hello..I just want to askk.. Do u sell
    1)Super Junior 05
    2)Super Junior Dont Dont
    3)Super Junior U
    5)Super Junior Sorry Sorry Ver A
    6)Super Junior Bonamana Ver A
    7)Infinite Be Mine

    • Yes.. we still take order for SJ album….all the album that you have stated price is RM70 each….please be informed that no poster available since the album is old album… all kpop album come with photobook inside the album

  • Hi πŸ™‚ i would like to ask, do u have speed blow repackage album? Ive been looking fr this album for awhile.
    Or superior speed album? πŸ™‚

  • Hi, does Super Junior Vol.6 Repackage (Spy), Super Junior M Vol. 2 – Break Down (Korean Version) & Shinee – Dream Girl still has a stock?

  • Hello there ^-^ im anis from malaysia.. i just wanna ask you something. ..
    Do you have a U-KISS NEVERLAND album that have all of the members autographs ??? If you do please email me for the price….. TQ ^-^

  • I’m just wondering, do you guys have Infinite’s new challenge mini album? And also, Shinee’s Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You album? thanks πŸ™‚

  • Will you be selling 2PM 3rd Album Grown? And if you do, I would like the Version B of it but this version is still not released. If it had been released, I would like to know about the posters and infos about it. TQ

  • Hello πŸ™‚ I read you guys no more have the SHINee Son of The Sun book. Where else can I order this book around Malaysia? Sorry for troubling ><

  • Hello, i’m from Sabah, do you have “Tohoshinki ‘T’ live concert in Tokyo dome?” .. Please reply me if you have it, i have search for it since long ago 😦

  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking for 2 copies of SNSD Oh! vol. 2 First Press Edition. I was wondering if you may have it in stock.

    Thank you.

    Sorry made the request on the wrong page 😦

  • hi I’m from Selangor and is exo wolf album still available?because I checked the album duedate is on 30/5 ,is it still available? For both hug and kiss ver ,with poster too?

  • hi, i’m from johor .
    SUPER JUNIOR – SEXY,FREE & SINGLE special edition available now?
    and the album with poster or without poster?
    SuperJunior – Sexy,Free & Single (version B) and the special edition got any different?

  • Hi there! would like to order Shinhwa’s 11th album, the classic. Browsed through, but couldn’t find it. Can still order for it? if can, how much ya? thanks!!

  • hi~i come for Malaysia KL
    hello..if i wan order this 2 album,can find ?
    (μ „λ³΄λžŒ)
    1.From Memory
    2.Lucifer Project Vol 1.

  • hi. i’m from malaysia. where i can get all beast album from bad girl until hard to love how to love. and can you check about beast dvd beautiful show 2012 and we zepp tour 2012. thank you for your help.

  • Hi, I’m Rabiatul from Malaysia. I wanna know Do you have original album for EXO XOXO + (poster and photobook)?? How much is it ??