Kpop Town Malaysia will take order once a month which is every 15th every month…

Your album/order will take about 2 weeks to reach you.. Please be inform that Free Poster & freebies is available while stock last

You can’t cancel your order once you send your order. We will not entertain any cancellation unless the items you order is out-of-stock/ unavailable then we will refund your money back & cancel your order.

p/s: As all the Malaysian know the MYR is keep depreciating now so please be understand if our price slightly expensive than before.

Follow the instruction below to make order :-

1st = You need to transfer or bank in the money (album price) to our representative bank account

Bank Account : Nurul Nadiah Zamri

Maybank 162106861198

2nd = After made the payment you need to e-mail us at your order details as format below :-



Album / Item:


Delivery Method:  Pos Laju (no meetup for this time) Subject to change

Phone No:

Proof of payment : (attached your bank receipt/slip of payment)

p/s: Once we already post your album, we will e-mail you the Pos Laju Tracking Number

Are you a user of Kakaotalk application? 

Make your order process simple & fast. Add us on Kakaotalk  by ID “nadz881218”.

– Step of order by Kakaotalk:

1) Make the payment for your album

2) Take a picture of the proof of payment/receipt

3) Send your order details & picture of proof of payment to our Kakaotalk

4) We will reply to you after confirming your payment.


553 comments on “HOW TO ORDER??

  • hello, 2morrow morning i will bank in 2 u. 7 am u cn check it.but the information i will send 2 u today.can u send me a message 2 confirm sorry a i want choi si won cover. if hv thn pls keep 4 me a. i love it v much. if i bank in 2morrow when will i recieve? thanks v much n pls inform me soon~

    • hello, dont worry bout the stock bcoz 2011 KYUHYUN Photobook story “SECRET OF SUPER STAR” is new items produce by 2kyuhyun… 2kyuhyun will start producing the photobook after worldwide order is counted on the duedate… no worries ok ^^

  • do you will sell super junior latest DVD?? Super Show 3 Live Concert. if i want to buy a cd but it not under RM60, can i? i want to buy mr.simple version A & C but i’m still collecting money to buy it..

  • hola…i have send u my email ( u get it..b4 that i had send u my yahoo mail( but my yahoo mail get stuck when i want to sent the proof of payment..

    • hello, the 15th & 30th is the duedate for order… if u can make payment & order before 15th means you’re in 1st batch of 15th.. & if u make payment and order after 15th means you will be in 2nd batch order which is on 30th..thanks

  • Hello there, i want to ask whether here have BB new album ” The Best Of Bigbang”. I want to order. Please. I hope you guys have that album. Its hard for me to order through YesAsia.

  • Hey, I’m going to buy two Infinite’s Over The Top Repackaged albums and two Infinite’s calendar sets. So, I shall bank in the total amount to you, right? Or do I need to make the orders separately?

  • Hello.are infinite season greeting n all their albums still in stock?how much does infinite season greeting cost?
    can i still order the season greeting after duedate?thanks.

  • Sorry, just asking whether i can mail you the money?~ Because that’s the option I guess I can pay you, or when you come to Singapore on 17th then I pay you? Or both ways also cannot?~ D:

  • Hello,I new here…So,I want to make an order?
    If I can make the order,I want to order Super Show 3 DVD…
    Can I order the album on February?

  • hello…i wud like to noe if [NEW YEAR PROMO] 2012 SEASON GREETING is still take any order??i noe its alreay pass da due date..but i juz saw ur site so n i want to have teen top n Beast so badly…so can i still order???

  • 1.Do u still take an order of Block B album eventhough duedate is over?
    2.Do u have a Block B hoodie / t-shirt / cap?
    3.On ‘How To Order’ –> ‘Proof of Payment’ u said attached bank receipt, right? It mean i have to scan a receipt and attach on mail to u?

  • just got my album today omg thank you so muchhhh! haha. can i still order exo-m album though? thank you again! now I feel assured that you can be trusted hehe!

  • Can i order SHINee Sherlock Album and i want Cover album Key Cover .. And i will bank in money tmr .. so went can i get my album ?

  • Btw, can i order Volume Up Album 4minute and Alive Album Cover T.O.P ? If can ,, i want to how much i need to pay all album (SHINee Sherlock,Volume Up 4minute and Alive Big Bang)

  • Hello ,Can i order SHINee Sherlock Album and i want Cover album Key Cover .. And i will bank in money tmr .. so went can i get my album ?

    Btw, can i order Volume Up Album 4minute and Alive Album Cover T.O.P ? If can ,, i want to how much i need to pay all album (SHINee Sherlock,Volume Up 4minute and Alive Big Bang)

  • Kpop Town Malaysia , I am sorry so much .. I want to cancel my order (SHINee Sherlock 4th mini album cover key) Because tmorrow i go korea for holiday, so i can buy Shinee 4th album at korea 🙂 , So sorry :’) . btw thanks ! 😉

  • Hi, i already transfer money to your account for ordering Exo-K and Exo-M albums. If you get my e-mail please inform me. Thank you so much.

    • you can make payment & e-mail your order on 4th June if you want early because there is new album duedate on that date so we can include your order

      If not you need to wait for 15th June batch order

  • I want to make another order for INFINITIZE. Since it’s already past 4th June, if I make the order so I’m in the 15th June batch order?

  • I just send you the email for the second order. I hope I don’t trouble you. So, the conclusion is I just made two order of INFINITIZE but in the different date, which first I made is on June 3 and the latest on on June 5. I hope you’ll reply my email soon. Thank you so much 🙂

  • i want to buy f(x)’s album.. pinocchio, hot summer, nuabo , chu and la chata. can i order those albums from here? f(x)’s Electric Shock too 🙂

  • Hi, for INFINITE – INFINITIZE SHOWCASE / 2DVD + Photobook +8 Postcards Infinite Video Showcase, the photobook and postcards everything included in package right???

  • SHINee Sherlock still have stock or not ? And Big Bang Still Alive -Special Edition- Still have stock or not .. Album Twinkle Taetiseo. Still have stock or not?

  • Good to hear that ^^ So can i order SHINee Sherlock Album, Big Bang Special Edition and Twinkle? And how much? I will transfer the money tmrow. 🙂

  • How much do i have to pay if i want to buy BIGBANG Still Alive album and BIGBANG Extraordinary 20’s ? Will i get the poster ?

      • I will buy Extraordinary 20’s fist . Then , when the posters available , i will buy Still Alive album . Let me know if the posters available okay ! i will bank in the money within this week . Thank you !

  • How much do i have to pay if i want to buy BIGBANG Still Alive album and BIGBANG Extraordinary 20′s ? Will i get the poster ?

  • hello kpoptown. did you receive my email or not? it was sent on 20 June. if you did, could you please reply my email to let me know that you already receive the order. thanks.

  • Just wanted to ask,will I be receiving my package next week?Because I ordered it before the 15th of June and still have not received it 😛

  • Did B1A4 Special Edition Ignition and EXO-K MAMA next duedate is 15th July? If I want to order both, I have to order it in separate email oor just put it in one email? The price of B1A4 Special Edition Ignition is RM86 and EXO-K MAMA is RM65, right?

  • hello.. can i order the ‘super junior 6th album’? 15th July is the duedate right? that’s mean i still can bank in the money on 15th July? how much is it cost for peninsular? how can i bank in?

  • Can I order BIGBANG – STILL ALIVE (SPECIAL EDITION) CD+GUIDEBOOK+PHOTOBOOK+FAMILYCARD today? it’s like 4 days more before 30th..xD btw,it’s included poster right? 😀

    • The price already include the postage… if you make the payment before 15th we will count you on the 1st batch which is on 15th… if you make payment after 15th we will put your order on the second batch on the 30th

  • I already made my payment on 28th September but I don’t have any scanner that would allowed me to proof my payment statement.So,instead of slip payment any other method for me to proof my payment?

  • T-ara’s Absolute 1st Album,Breaking Heart,Temptastic,John Travola Wannabe,Funky Town,Day by Day,Mirage & T-ara’s Best of Best 2009~2012:Korean Ver. Got?? (+poster)
    Is There No Other Way to Pay You Beside Bank In?

  • Do you have beast midnight sun? Not the limited or gold edition just the regular black one. What is the price including shipping and is it original if i buy it here?

  • Hey, I have ordered 2PM Hands Up DVD. The other day you said you’ve mail out all order on Thursday 28th February. It’s been 3 weeks but until now, I still haven’t get the tracking number. Please do reply asap here or

  • How possibly the album which I wanted to order will be out of stock or unavailable?? Can I guarantee that I’ll get my album once I place the order?? Just wanting to ask no other intention. Please reply me. Thanks a lot 🙂

    • If the album you want to order is after the duedate stated in the album details then you can ask if the album still available or not…..normally as long as the album still in this website means we still have it

  • Hi.. I want 2 buy Lunafly’s album. Is the price is including the poster? What else is given in the album? are there any photo cards or anor freebies? TQ.. ^^

  • I placed my order and paid for it on the 31st of said that my order will be restock within this month.but I still haven’t received my order. (I ordered for infinite’s 2013 special greetings.

  • How can I attached your bank receipt/slip of payment? by picture or what? Just wanna know.. 🙂 Since I don’k know anything abut this.. -.-

  • Hi. Do you have stock for EXO new album XOXO Korean Version? I want to buy it, how much is it? Bytheway, I live in Sarawak.

  • Hello, I had paid for B.A.P Stop It and One Shot as well as EXO XOXO Kiss&Hug Version on 15 July.
    Does my order is in 1st batch or 2nd batch?
    Because 2 weeks had passed and I haven’t received Pos Laju Tracking Number.

  • I want to order XOXO Album. Kiss & Hug, still available? I want to buy both of it. How much? Including postage? Semenanjung here. Email me if you can.

  • Hello^_^..i just paid order for infinite destiny album on 29/8 and e-mail the order on 31/8. So, i want to know my order is on 1st or 2nd batch as the due date for the album is on 24/8..thank you

  • If I ordered some of the albums next year, will the posters/cards/booklets be included too? Like, if I order the XOXO album next year, would the photocard still be included? or will the price be deduced? (sorry for asking too much questions~)

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