About & Hanteo Chart

This is for all Kpop Lovers in Malaysia. This club will unite all kpop lovers from different fanbase either you are E.L.F, Cassiopeia,Shawol,Hottest,Sone, or many more, here we will unite as One. The first time ever Kpop Town Malaysia. Please support us.. Thank You

All album order will be counted in the Hanteo chart & K-chart (Music Bank) 


72 comments on “About & Hanteo Chart

  • Hello…im new here. I want to order Yg family concert…how i want to make an order…plssss…i want this so badly..and urgently.thank you

    • hello,

      to make order 1st u need to bank in/transfer the money to my account stated in the album iformation… then e-mail me ur details required & attach together the photo of the receipt payment as proof of payment


  • hai. i just found out about kpop town malaysia. do you still take orders for big bang 4th mini album? and do you have big bang light sticks and other big bang’s stuff?

  • Hello there
    My name is Lee from Korea,
    this mail doesn’t work on it.
    I tried several times but, still not working.
    So i please to let you that send me the mail to .

    Have a lovely day all members of KPOPTOWN MALAYSIA ^^

  • Hi..i’m new here..
    i’m dying to get this SNSD PARADISE IN PHUKET DVDs ..
    are u still going to order it…? or u got ready stock..
    it is still available right now (MEI 2012) ??
    PLS..any info from u really appreciate it..PLS HELP ME.. huhuhu.. 😦
    PLS HELP ME.. huhuhu..

  • I want exo-m mama mini album.I already bank in the money to your bank account.Did you get my email?i still haven’t got email reply..thanks..

  • [#2012MAMA] Vote for TVXQ! in each category below:

    6. Best Male Group: TVXQ
    8. Best Global Group – Male: TVXQ
    20. Artist of the Year: TVXQ

    Vote here:http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1351165616634

    You need to create an account there to be able to vote. If everybody use the same link we can have more points and raise a flag for TVXQ. The more flags TVXQ get, the more notable they are in the voting table.

  • ahn young haseyo KPOP Fan^^,

    Just to let you know that the $.99 version of KPOP Lyrics for iPhone is now free.


    We gave away 7 prizes last week for our KPOP Blogger event and looking to give away more money and prizes.

    It’s simple, just blog anything about KPOP Lyrics and post your link here:


    We will be choosing more winners and look forward to your participation!!

    Your fan,

    KPOP Lyrics

  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking for 2 copies of SNSD Oh! vol. 2 First Press Edition. I was wondering if you may have it in stock.

    Thank you.

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