Boy Friend vol.1 Repackage -I Yah(100pPhotobook+randomcard)

Published January 20, 2013 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s : Price included shipping fee from Korea & postage fee within Malaysia

boyfriend - 1 repackage (I Yah)


01. 아이야(I yah)
03. 그 곳에(Standing with U)
04. 내 꿈꿔(Good Night)
05. Excuse me
06. 이랬다 저랬다(Trippin’) _현성SOLO
07. 미스터리(Mystery)
08. Go Back
09. Stop It
10. Listen _동현 SOLO)
11. 잘 지내니(My Dear)_정민SOLO
12. 열쇠(Soulmate)

Price (Post) : RM75 (Peninsular Malaysia) & RM83 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Duedate :  30 January 2013

p/s: Please refer : ‘HOW TO ORDER’ page to place your order…Thanks


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