Infinite – Paradise (Repackage Album)

Published October 4, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s : Price included shipping fee from Korea & postage fee within Malaysia


01. Over the Top
02. Be Mine
03. Paradise
05. 1/3
06. Tic Toc
07. Julia
08. Because (SungKyu solo)
09. Time
10. Amazing
11. Crying (HoYa ft. Baby Soul)
12. Real Story
13. Be Mine (Remix ver.)

Price : RM70

Duedate : 15th October 2011

p/s: Please refer : HOW TO ORDER’ page to place your order…Thanks


42 comments on “Infinite – Paradise (Repackage Album)

    • the duedate is for pay & order.. you need to bank in or transfer the money first then u need to send your order by e-mail us.. please read ” How To Order” page for more info.. there you can read all the instruction.. thanks

    • hello, yes we still have the album in stock but u will get only 1 poster since the 1 official poster is out-of stock.. the album included 2 poster which is 1 offical poster & i folded poster included in the album with photobook & cd… thanks

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