JYJ – In Heaven (1st Korean Album)

Published September 10, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s : All price include shipping from Korea & postage within Malaysia

Color available : Black & Brown (can choose album color you want)


01 Get Out

02 In Heaven

03 낙엽 (Fallen Leaves)

04 소년의 편지 (Boy’s Letter)

05 Mission

06 I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)

07 Pierrot

08 You’Re

09 Nine

10 이름 없는 노래 PART 1

Price : RM85

Duedate : 16th September 2011


19 comments on “JYJ – In Heaven (1st Korean Album)

  • Just two quick questions:
    1: Do you ship ALL your kpop albums from Korea? So they’re bought there (and will count in the charts?)

    2: Do I need to email/bank in separate orders for different albums? Lets say I’m buying 3 JYJ albums and 1 UKISS album, do I bank in all in bulk or bank in RM255 first then bank in RM60?


    • hello… here the answer :-

      1) Yes all our Kpop albums is order from Korea & will be counted on Hanteo chart & K-Chart (Music Bank) as we ordered from Synnara

      2) You just can bank in the payment for all your album order as 1 payment… For example you bank in RM255 & in e-mail at Items / Albums section you state there 3 JYJ & 1 U-kiss


  • Damn! Damn! I don’t know if I buy from here, it’ll count at Hanteo! Now that I know about it, I regret buying Mr. Simple at other site. They ignore my message when I ask about the album. Have not receive the album. It’s a month already..Totally gonna trust kpoptownmalaysia from now on….lol

    Anyway, is there a photobook or something? photo card? poster?

    • hello there.. thanks coz wanna believe in us.. Yes, all kpop album ordered with us is counted in Hanteo Chart & also K-Chart (Music Bank)…

      As for photobook, dvd concert & other kpop stuff we will update it soon since we still update our list of items available with our supplier…wait for the update yeah


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