SNSD – Mr Taxi

Published May 3, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s : Price include shipping & postage fee

Price : RM71 ( Single- DVD edition = CD+DVD+OFFICIAL RANDOM PHOTOCARD) p/s : photocard due to change

Track Info :- 

track info:
2. Run Devil Run

1. Run Devil Run[Original ver.](Japanese Ver.)
2. Run Devil Run[Dance ver.]

Price : RM60 (normal edition – CD only)

Track info :-

02 Run Devil Run

Dateline : 9th May 2011

19 comments on “SNSD – Mr Taxi

  • this is different from this edition right: Mr.Taxi / Run Devil Run [w/ DVD (A), Limited Edition / Jacket A]..your edition dont have photobook right??

  • Question O-O:
    Do you take order for Gee and Genie (Jp Ver) but korean licensed album?
    If your supplier is able to get Korean Licenesed album. I’m sure he can get those too.

    It’s ok if you can do a pre-order for it. But if you could, your effort would be much appreciated.

    Dawn.(My Sones) 😀

  • i am interest with the SNSD album,Mr.Taxi. I want to ask you,: 1.Where are your shop been ?
    2. Do you got the stock now ?
    3.Do the album with the random card ? I hope you can reply me as early as u can, Thank you.

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