New Album Pre-Order

Published March 25, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s : All price included shipping & posting fee from Korea to Malaysia

Album : CN BLUE 1st Full Album – FIRST STEP

Price : RM 72


01. 직감
03. 상상 (Imagine)
04. I don’t know why
05. 사랑은 비를 타고
06. Lie
07. one time
08. Just Please
09. Wanna Be Like U
10. Ready N Go
11. 고마워요
12. One of a kind (Bonus Track)

Album : ZE :A 1st Full Album – LOVABILITY

Price : (Normal Version ) RM 72

(Special Edition)  RM127  – include * ZE:A PHOTO STORY BOOK * ZE:A FAN MANUAL * ZE:A STICKER

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. Here I am
03. Again..
04. Mazeltov
05. 하루종일
06. Be My Girl
07. Love Coach
08. 이별드립
09. New Star
10. Man 2 Man
11. Special Day (For ZE:A’s)
12. Here I am (Instrumental)

Album : DBCK/ TVXQ Repackaged Album – Keep Your Head Down

Price : RM97

Tracklist :

01. 이것만은 알고가 독백 -Before U Go(Monologue)-
02. 이것만은 알고가(Before U Go)
03. 왜(Keep Your Head Down)
05. 믿기 싫은 이야기
06. CRAZY(Feat. 제이 from Trax)
07. Honey Funny Bunny(유노윤호)
09. 고백(최강창민)
10. Our Game
11. SHE
12. 아테나(아테나 OST)
13. Journey(Feat. 소녀시대 서현)(파라다이스 목장 OST)
14. 이것만은 알고가 독백 -Before U Go(Monologue)- (Instrumental)

Dateline: 8th April 2011

Bank Account : Nurul Nadiah Zamri

Maybank 162106861198

Please e-mail to us at after you made the payment with following details :-





Delivery Method:  Pos Laju (no meetup for this time)

Phone No:


11 comments on “New Album Pre-Order

  • kpoptown!!!!!!!!!help me order snsd’ mr taxi please…i dont know how to buy online..i dont even hav account but i can pay to if u can order for me

  • omg. I just found out about this site. the order is closed already? I haven’t had my pay yet. T_T. It’s so difficult to find TVXQ’s album in Malaysia. I hope the new batch will be open soon~

  • i wanna make order for f(x)’s album Pinocchio but i don’t know how because it was sooo hard to find f(x)’s hard copy in Malaysia… can u pleasseee help me~~?? (^__^)

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