List of Names ( Posted album )

Published February 9, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

9 February 2011:-

1) Safiah azmi – 2 JYJ Music essay

2) Salina azmi – JYJ Music essay

3) Nur Fatinah abd aziz – TVXQ (limited edition)

4) Ivian Yeah – JYJ Music Essay

5) Nur Zehan hayat – 2 TVXQ ( limited edition) + 2 JYJ Music essay

6) Cheah Min Min – JYJ Music essay


21 January 2011 :-

1) elida kamaluddin – Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD

2) aqilah hanani kamaruzaman – TVXQ (limited edition)

3) nur nadhirah che husin – oh!

4) muhammad suhaili faizzi – t-ara (Temptastic)

5) azimah bt Bin Yamin -TVXQ (normal version)

6) Ng Glad Den – TVXQ (limited edition)


25 comments on “List of Names ( Posted album )

      • then,,wut about me?? n my friend?? how to check it?? i’m sorry if i annoyed u,,bcoz dis is my 1st time buying their dvd on9.. me is nur nabilah hanis binti nur azmi,,n my friend amirah anuar

    • wow! great that you’ve received yours. I once a loyal customer at a site. But, because the posting was very late. Like 1 month after i order, I decided to find a new site and here am i…

      • yeah tell me about it, Once I always ordered my SNSD album from a dealer,
        but during the RDR album something came up that she were forced to post it out sometime later
        I don’t mind about her posting it out late,
        but people kept on emailing hurtful stuff to her that she stops making the deal,
        since RDR I’ve never ordered any kpop album via internet.
        When T-ara came up with temptastic I need to buy it ASAP so I google-d up and found this site
        and pretty much satisfied with this site

  • how about my order for TVXQ album? please give some update. i dun really mind if its a bit late, but i would like to know how is it since u said last time dat i’ll get the album around 24th. thanks n sorry if i pressure u….

  • i hope you’ll be updating about the jyj 1st pre-order batch soon…i will be glad if u can post the name list and the date we can pick up the music essay..thnx!!

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