Open Order For Album (February batch)

Published January 26, 2011 by kpoptownmalaysia

p/s: all the price included shipping from Korea & posting within Malaysia

1)Taeyang – SOLAR (DVD) – PRICE : RM135 (meet-up) & RM 140 (Pos Laju)

2) Park Jung Min (Not Alone) – PRICE = RM55 (meet-up) & RM60 (Pos Laju)

3) Seungri (VVIP album) – PRICE =RM65 (meet-up) & RM70 (Pos Laju)

4) G.NA (Black & White album) – PRICE = RM65 (meet-up) & RM 70(Pos Laju)


Meet-up point : KL Sentral

Dateline: 19th February 2011

Bank Account : Nurul Nadiah Zamri

Maybank 162106861198

BIMB ( Bank Islam) 09010020389159

Please e-mail to us at after you made the payment with following details :-





Delivery Method: Meet-up or Pos Laju

Phone No:

Proof / image of payment:



7 comments on “Open Order For Album (February batch)

      • Ok, i will bank in as soon as possible! Thank you so much for ur reply ^.^
        I have another question, do you take order for japanese album from korean singer…?

      • Hi! ^.^ I have already bank in the money. Did you get my email? But, I can’t bank in the exact amount so, I deposited more than the price. Is it possible to get the balance?

  • why i havent received any confirmation email from u?..its been almost 2 weeks since i paid it……and i havent neither heard or receive my goods yet…r u try to cheat us here?!!

    • sorry for the late reply.. there is a technical problem with our e-mail Auto Response.. sorry once again to keep you waiting like this.. we already post an update for the album meet-up details…

      we never try to cheat people here.. Kpop Town just wanna share some Kpop love with kpop fan outhere.. sorry if you feel mad for any inconvinence caused by us…

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