2AM Saint O’clock Album (2nd batch)

Published October 20, 2010 by kpoptownmalaysia

Normal album (include poster) : RM60 (meet-up)    RM65 (Pos Laju)

Speacial Limited Edition album : RM116 (meet up)  RM121 (Pos Laju)

p/s: Special Edition of Saint o’ Clock comes in a special hard case (18.5 x 26.5 x 3.5cm) with a 24-page album booklet, a 56-page monthly diary, a 20-page stamp book, and a 4 x 6 commemorative paper.

Meet-up point : KL Sentral

Dateline: 7 or 14 November 2010

Bank Account : Nurul Nadiah Zamri

Maybank 162106861198

BIMB ( Bank Islam) 09010020389159

Please e-mail to us at kpoptownmalaysia@yahoo.com after you made the payment with following details :-





Delivery Method: Meet-up or Pos Laju

Phone No:

Proof / image of payment:


15 comments on “2AM Saint O’clock Album (2nd batch)

  • Hi, may I know if there’s any poster coming with the limited edition album?
    & how much if I want to use Pos Laju for the limited edition album?
    Is it RM121?

    • there is no poster for limited edition since u get more worth things attach wif the album..belive me with a 24-page album booklet, a 56-page monthly diary, a 20-page stamp book, and a 4 x 6 commemorative paper…what other more worth it than this lol…hehehe ^_^

      • But with poster is better, isn’t it? :O

        Can I know why other website has posters that come with the limited edition album?

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