Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD (2nd batch)

Published October 18, 2010 by kpoptownmalaysia


– 2DVD
– Special Color Photobook
– Concert Making Film
– With  Poster

★ Concert Date : 2009.07 (in Seoul)
* Running time : Total 216min (D1 90min / D2 126min)
* Subtitle : Korean, Japanese, Chinese


02.갈증 (A man in love)
04.너라고 (It’s you)
05.그녀는 위험해 (She wants it)
06.멘트 (멤버소개)
07.앤젤라 (Angela)
09.Disco Drive
10.Dancing Out
11.Baby Baby_성민
16.7년간의 사랑_규현
17.What if
18.이별… 넌 쉽니
20.Doc와 춤을 + Run to you_강인
21.Don’t don


01.우리들의 사랑 (Our love)
02.Puff the magic dragon
03.Who am I_시원
05.迷 [Me]
06.Shining Star
07.Sorry, Sorry
11.꿀단지 [Sunny]
12.파자마파티 [Pajama party]
13.카니발 [Carnival]
14.소원이 있나요
15.Marry U
16.앙코르 곡 – Wonder Boy
17.멘트 [CLOSING]

Payment Method :-

Price : RM 135 (including shipping Korea-Malaysia) + RM5 (postage to your house)

Total price : RM140

Dateline: 7 or 14 November 2010

Bank Account : Nurul Nadiah Zamri

Maybank 162106861198

BIMB ( Bank Islam) 09010020389159

Please e-mail to us at after you made the payment with following details :-





Delivery Method: Meet-up or Pos Laju

Phone No:

Proof / image of payment:

p/s: Meet-up point : KL Sentral


69 comments on “Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD (2nd batch)

  • RM135 seriously ?

    Can you kindly elaborate for the price?
    I mean shipping = RM ?, The DVD itself = RM ?.

    Is the poster folded or it comes in tube when you charge RM135 ?

    The offer is VERY tempting but i think it’s too pricey 😦

  • Is it okay if i pay extra shipping fees to you to send it to johor bahru? because it’d be quite inconvenient for the elfs who are not staying near KL to collect the dvd.
    hopefully i can get a reply as soon as possible. thanks 🙂

  • hohohohho…i’ll bank in to your Bank Islam account as soon as tomorrow.
    then, we can meet up at Kl sentral..
    But, how long it takes to arrive at Malaysia?
    I mean when do you think will be the meet up date?

  • hi,im just asking,can we pay half price for it or rm100 first and will u open order again???
    please consider to open again as it is in short notice so dont have enough money to buy it…
    please consider….

  • Sorry for to much question.. Boleh x nak tau bila paling awal dan paling lambat dvd ni boleh sampai kt rumah(semenanjung)? sbb nak decide letak alamat rumah yg mane.hehehe..

  • Hi, I realised that most of the elfs didn’t get a reply when they asked about whether the poster is folded. Is it because that you are not sure that the poster is send in tube or folded?
    And I have one more question, yeasia is selling the dvd with poster and photobook only, there’s no concert making film. So may I know what’s the concert making film about?
    Sorry for asking so much questions. Hopefully you can answer them. Thanks 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply 🙂
        Let’s say the quantity of pre-order doesn’t hit the target and the poster has to be sent folded. Is it possible for me to pay you extra fees to let you help me send the poster in tube?

      • if the quantity of pre-order doesn’t hit the target, we afraid that we can’t provide you wif the tube.. but then how much extra money you wanna pay???the cost of the tube is around rm5-rm7

  • Sure. I’m willing to pay for the tube. So,if you have no choice but to send the poster folded, that means I have to pay around RM145-147 for the DVD in order to get the poster in tube. Am I right?

  • Hi, sorry for the confusion and thanks for answering my questions. Sure, I’ll bank in RM140 as soon as possible. I’m sorry that I can’t collect the dvd by meet up as I’m staying at JB which is quite impossible for me to meet you up at KL Sentral. So can I have another request? After you get the dvds, if you can’t send the poster in tube, can you please inform me so that I can pay you the extra amount in order to get my poster in tube?

    • we try to do that for you ok.. we can’t abandon special request from LOvers.. hehehe ok we will text to your mobile when the DVD has reach our hand..then we will inform you the extra money you should pay for the request.. we think it not exceed rm10 though.. (^_^)

  • I want to ask whether or not that you can take order to buy this dvd?? This is because I only knew about it today and your dateline is 26 oct 2010…I really want to buy it…

  • why im only noticed this post today??huaaa..
    sy sgt2 hendk beli tp trlalu lambat.
    so for 3rd batch xde ke?
    i sangup brape2 je ( tp xlebeh 150 bole hehe )

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